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Theresia Gerhardinger Gymnasium am Anger

Ein Feriengruß

Unsere Kollegin Nadine Lux sammelte während des Schuljahres mit der Englisch-Fachschaft die besten schriftlichen „Schüler-Vergehen“ an der Englischen Sprache. Daraus erstellte sie folgenden Feriengruß, ein Meisterwerk der Sprachkunst.

Alles Liebe, Nadine, wir werden dich vermissen!

Hello fox and friends,

How do you doing? This is a sunny message from Munich.
Have you ever imagine how would life being like without holidays? I not!
You must thinght that one positive point is that you don´t have to work at all. And yeah, I decided to live so because this all have a sense!! And before you ask me what to do during holidays I come to this idea:

Empfehlen I can you to chill and to relax your waistful body. I think that is seems like that there are so many good aspects about to have holidays. You also want to get me the question what I will do? I go to another land and see things. Yeah, this is the life of a person who live without school. Does not sound that bad, or not?

Hobefully you all come back chilled and that you can prepare all your hot pens for next school year. Because it´s gonna be epic!

Who questions have can ask me.

Thank you for read and bye!